Al Boom Diving Newsletter - 2016-January-06

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Dive with NITROX Tanks for Free
Take your diving  to a new level with nitrox! Our half day theory course is Only AED 800!
1. Longer Bottom Times
2. Shorter Surface Intervals
3. Longer Repetitive Dive Times
4. Reduced Exhaustion
5. Shorter Decompression
Travel, dive and dry bags from Aqua Lung and APEKS
Aqua Lung Traveller Dry Bag - AED550 - BUY NOW!
Aqua Lung T8 Roller Duffle/Backpack - AED735 - BUY NOW!
APEKS 12L Dry Bag - AED215 - BUY NOW!
Aqua Lung T6 Duffle Bag - AED255 - BUY NOW!
Aqua Lung T5 Mesh Duffle Bag - AED200 - BUY NOW!
Aqua Lung T2 Regulator Bag - AED130 - BUY NOW!
Aqua Lung T4 Shoulder Mesh Bag - AED180 - BUY NOW!

More Information
about the Friday Dhow
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More Information
about the Daymaniyat Islands trip
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Dubai Aquarium Aquatic Experiences
Unique gift idea for every occasion!
You can purchase your Gift Voucher at Al Boom Diving Stores in Jumeirah or Al Quoz or in the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

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