Gain specific skills for diving archaeological sites

The Underwater Archeology Diver course is an introduction to archeology diving, which will help familiarize researchers & students with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of underwater archaeology sites. 

This course comprises knowledge development, a confined water skill development session, on land dry session practice and two open water training dives. 


The purpose of the PADI Underwater Archeology Diver Course is:

To teach divers the specific skills and knowledge required for archaeological diving activities and exploring submerged cultural resources. Students will gain the basic information and skills that are used in underwater archaeological interpretation of wrecks and other sites, as well as mapping, sketching, and research techniques.


The goals of the Underwater Archeology Diver training are to:

  • Introduce students, divers and researchers to underwater archeology.
  • Increase awareness of underwater cultural heritage.
  • Provide invaluable assistance to accredited archaeologists by assisting during field work.
  • Introduce students and divers to the basic principles and techniques to understand, study, record and preserve the underwater cultural heritage.

Activity Photos

PADI Underwater Archaeology Diver Distinctive Course 1 PADI Underwater Archaeology Diver Distinctive Course 2 PADI Underwater Archaeology Diver Distinctive Course 3
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