Musandam Dhow Snorkeling Trip

Explore the best natural reefs found along the Coast of the Musandam. Some of the best sites for snorkelers are Lima Rock consisting of two sites one on the north side of the rock and one on the south, Lima rock is full of shallow caves and deep fissures carved out by the tides and current of the surrounding ocean with its vast array of fish just beneath the surface the vibrant coral reef is teeming with life Angel fish, grouper, hammour, snapper, clown fish, sting rays, barracudas, sergeant, major fish, bat fish and more are a common sight and if you’re lucky you may see a turtle or two.

Water & soft drinks are available on the boat. This package price is inclusive equipment if required.

Activity Photos

Musandam Dhow Snorkeling Trip 1 Musandam Dhow Snorkeling Trip 2
Festival Offer
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